Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Colin Cowherd is the best thing going on ESPN radio

and possibly in all of sports radio and media.

-He doesn't care if you like him or not.

-He doesn't take too many phone calls. ; Yes, even your calls "Mr. Intellectual, Soccer guy" usually are uncessary. ; Too many calls from mouth breathing booger eaters can only bring the show down.

;-He doesn't conduct too many interviews, and the ones he does, the people will at least talk and have something interesting to say. ; Too many interviews to me is lazy and no one wants to hear cliches everyday, and for the most part, a lot of coaches and athletes are boring.

-His stock is rising. ; Like all good, sucessful and ambitious people in life, he has branched out into bigger things. ; His show SportsNation is an example of that. ; I think alot of listeners are taken aback by his brash tell it like it is style because they feel insecure about the boring and ambition-less lives they lead. ; Life's true 'playas' get it.

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