Thursday, July 30, 2009

Same Squirrel

Comerica Park is home for the Detroit Tigers and apparently some squirrels!

The other night against Boston a squirrel made it's way onto the playing field in the second inning before being chased by stadium personal into the bushes in center field (see video ). From there it chilled out and watched at least a portion of the game.

I was at Comerica Park on May 16th for the Tigers/Oakland game. I like to get there a little early to watch batting practice and hopefully catch a homerun ball. Yes, I'm still a kid that way.

For most of the pregame I was entertained, by not the batting practice, but a fury little squirrel running around the bullpen trying to find a place to go. After about ten minutes of running back and forth along the top of the bullpen between both teams it made it's way onto the field before disappearing into the Tigers dugout. The little guy wasn't seen from the remainder of the game.

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