Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Akadema Ball Gloves Kip Series

This product is available at baseballtips.com Akadema Ball Gloves Kip Series glove is made with Kip Leather which is harvested in Europe and tanned in Japan. They are 20% lighter, they are more pliable and easier to break in and have more tensile strength than other competing gloves.
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Spike Proof Baseball Home Plate & Stance Mat

baseballtips.com The perfect accessory for any indoor or outdoor batting cage or batting station... Constructed of Sporturf, the highest quality baseball turf available, and designed to give a softer, more realistic feel while outlasting most other turf. The home plate stance mat has permanent white turf batter box lines and a painted on home plate. The mat itself is constructed from an extremely dense 36 oz. spring set "Bermuda" turf pile with a 5mm urelon foam cushion. The spike proof ...
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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Rookie

As of now, if Rick Porcello stays in the majors and keeps getting the workload he has been lately, he's on pace for 180+ innings as a 21 yr old rookie. ; Now i know all the old sentiment of when pitchers pitched 20 complete games a year and never had issues, but this is just a different time. ; Innings and pitch counts are monitored more closely than a guys heart rate or blood tests and may have helped prolong some careers. ; The point is still, can he hold up and if not, what can the Tigers do?

First off, Bonderman and Willis are both unacceptable answers at this point as both are bigger question marks than the rookie. ; Say Willis builds off his last start and turns his career around in Detroit, and he becomes a reliable 3-4 guy, it still leaves one spot and im not sure Zach Miner gets anybody other than his mother excited when he steps up there. ; And you can't count on Bonderman, the 2-pitch, 1st inning blues wonder who somehow manages to make it 2-3 times through a major league lineup with a fastball and a slider and a....yea that's it. ; As if i couldn't inspire more confidence here's another tidbit: the guy has tried to learn a third pitch for 6 years....at least....is anybody gonna call an apple an apple and finally say enough, get in the bullpen or get a 3rd pitch. ; Now i was always one of his biggest fans, but i just don't believe he can make it anymore on 2 pitches, especially if his fastball has slowed, as the reports say. ;

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Yong-Kyu Lee is thrown out trying to steal second, ending the bottom of the sixth inning - WBC 2009

Yong-Kyu Lee is thrown out trying to steal second, ending the bottom of the sixth inning - WBC 2009
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boston Back in First Place

Beckett Pitches ;6 1/2 ;innings of Hitless Ball, But Tigers still make it ;interesting!
Sox came out last night looking ready to go and wanting this win. ;The Sox ;were on a mission to beat the Central ;Division's ;1st ;place team, the Tigers!! ;They started off like that to-- Pedroia led off the game with a hit, then JD Drew would hit his 200th ;career ;home-run ;and the Sox took an early 2-0 lead. The score would remain like this because Beckett was lights out!! ;It wasn't until the 5th inning when the Sox would score 2 more runs making the score at 4-0 and Beckett still hitless and looking like a machine!! ;Then in the 7th inning with 2 outs, Beckett faced C. Granderson and with a 1-2 count Beckett went for the corner of the plate and Granderson slapped it to right ;field ;for the Tigers' ;1st hit of the game and ending Beckett's no hitter!!! ;He would strike out the next batter, so after 7 innings the Tigers were down 4-0 and the Sox heading up to bat and this is when the game got even more ;interesting. The Red Sox came out in the top of the 8th like they were pissed for blowing the no hitter (even though ;it was no ones ;fault, that's just ;baseball) and would go through the entire line up with the Sox ;adding 6 more runs ; ;making the score ;10-0!!!! Every Red Sox starter ended with at least 1 hit including Big Papi who hit a ;2-rbi ;double, so maybe this new lineup is working, scoring 10 runs and having 13 hits, solid!! ;So you would think ;its ;over now, but like I said Detroit wanted to make it ;interesting ;and when Beckett came back out for the 8th then things ended up getting a little rough. B. Inge of the Tigers led off with a double off Beckett (only 2nd hit and that's all he allowed) then he would hit the next batter, and then the errors started. On a double play ball Pedroia missed Green leading to Detroit's 1st run and men at 1st and 2nd. So Francona came out and took out Beckett ;bringing in Bard. Beckett went 7.2 innings and ;only gave up 2 hits. ;He would still be charged for 2 earned, but he ;had 9 strikeouts- -Sick!!! Bard would have a little trouble, his 1st pitch was hit to Lowell and he would ;fumble ;the ball for another error and another run. Now with the score ;10-2, still in the 8th ;with bases loaded when Granderson again does damage and hits a triple scoring 3 more, but then Bard was able to stop the bleeding after 5 runs were scored and 3 errors all in that one ;inning!!! Now with a 10-5 lead heading into the bottom of the 9th, ;somehow ;Sox ;relievers ;would give up a hit and 2 walks loading the bases, a little scary let me tell you. It was 10-0 now it's 10-5 and the Tigers ;had the bases loaded!! The next Sox reliever, Saito, comes in ;with the bases loaded and he ;would be able to close the door and give Beckett the Win he deserved. Final score: Sox 10--Tigers 5. ; ;Meanwhile the Yankees lost, so with our win we move into a tie for first place with NY, Sweet!!! Beckett has looked like his old self for last 3 starts and the Sox are looking good taking 2 out of 3 so far with game 3 tonight. ;Come on Sox get the Sweep, you can do it. ; ;

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True Texas LONGhorn

University of Texas pitcher Austin Wood throws 12 and 1/3 innings of no-hit baseball in a College World Series Regional Game.

I know most people are thinking, "Who in the heck is Austin Wood?" That in itself is a tragedy. The left-handed Senior threw 13 innings of scoreless relief against the Boston College Eagles, and did not even recieve the decision. The Longhorns did finally get the win, scoring a run in the 25th inning, five frames after Wood was removed from the game.

In a day in age that features so many specialists such as closers and set-up men, as well as pitch counts, this is a feat that we may never see duplicated again. Wood was removed from the game after his 169th pitch, one that made contact with the batter he was facing. His final line looked like this: 13 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 14 K, 4 BB. Wonder who Texas head coach Augie Garrido gave the game ball to? When asked about Wood's outing, Garrido, the winningest manager in college baseball history, said, "It was the best pitching performance I've ever seen."

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Friday, June 26, 2009

World Baseball Classic 2009 - VEN 2 - PUR 0

World Baseball Classic 2009 - VEN 2 - PUR 0
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Learn How To Swing at Strikes With a Broom Bat

baseballtips.com Now you are learning to swing at strikes... and hitting them hard more often! Using a small diameter bat is like taking game intensity at-bats... any time and any place you might take normal BP! Make yourself a live wire in the batters box with some focused practice habits.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to Pick a Baseball For Your Ballplayer

baseballtips.com If you love America's pastime and are going to play the game you'll need to decide on what baseball you're going to use.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Past drafts mostly bad

The MLB draft took place this week as 1,521 high school and college kids were selected by 30 teams. For most teams not named the Yankees, who can spend $400 million on free agents to replenish their roster, the draft holds the keys to future success or failure.

Now it's virtually impossible to turn every high draft choice into a major league all-star. In baseball it takes three, four or more years for a pick to even make his debut in the bigs. So much can happen in that timeframe that a bust or two are bound to happen. The objective is not to let this go on for years on end like the Detroit Tigers did throughout the 90s and early part of this decade.

Looking back at the Tigers’ first-round draft choices from the last 20 years it's obvious why they were so horrible. Since 1989 the Tigers have had four winning seasons (two in the last three) and nine 90-plus loss seasons with four of those over 100 losses.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thats So Game 7

In the sports world, nothing compares to Game 7. At times, it defines careers, and it always defines the teams involved.

Although I am not a hockey fan, tonight's Stanley Cup Finals matchup between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings sparked a fire within me. There's something about Game 7 that does it. No other situation in sports can put both team's in such a do or die moment. Every play is put under a microscope. Player's entire careers can be made in a single Game 7. A Game 7 is for sports fans, what Christmas Day is for children. For that reason alone, I may become a hockey fan tonight.

What comes to mind when you first hear, Game 7?

Perhaps Aaron Boone's moon shot off of Tim Wakefield in the 11th inning of the 2003 ALCS. The last American League pennant for the New York Yankees in ;old Yankee Stadium came off that dramatic homerun. The lasting shot of the old knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield, walking slowly back to the dugout, while the blur of Yankees fans are going berserk in the seats down the right field line. Who doesn't remember Boone leaping from outside the right handed batter's box, to land with both feet on home plate. Then watching the guest commentator, Bret Boone, Aaron's brother, as tears welled up in his eyes. That's so Game 7.

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Hiroyuki Nakajima hits an RBI single to left in the top of the seventh inning - WBC 2009

Hiroyuki Nakajima hits an RBI single to left in the top of the seventh inning - WBC 2009
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Monday, June 22, 2009

World Baseball Classic 2009 - CUB 7 - MEX 4

World Baseball Classic 2009 - CUB 7 - MEX 4
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