Wednesday, December 30, 2009

World Baseball Classic 2009 Goes To Japan

Japan wins the Classic V2
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Uchikawa throws Ko out at second

Uchikawa's strong throw JPN@KOR: Uchikawa throws Ko out at second
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Learn To Focus on Contact With a Broom Bat Now you are learning to focus in hitting the back-inside of the baseball... and hitting them hard more often! Using a small diameter bat is like taking game intensity focus into at-bats... any time and any place you might take some BP! Make yourself a live wire in the batters box with some focused practice habits.
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More Thoughts on MLB Pitching Statistics

In the National League, the elongated double switch shows again why pitching statistics are quite poorly attributed. ;A traditional double switch involves the manager inserting a position player into the game ;for the current pitcher and a new pitcher for a position player--typically one who just made an out, so that the new pitcher won't be batting for nearly a full trip through the lineup.

However, this same basic maneuver can also occur by simply pinch-hitting for the pitcher while on offense and then placing the pitcher in for whichever player makes the last out of the inning. ;If the team takes the lead (and subsequently does not lose it), the just-substituted-for pitcher gets credited with the win.

The problem is this: if this scenario occurs before the 5th inning, the starting pitcher cannot get the win, so it'll almost certainly be the next guy who pitches that will get the win. ;But given that a position player is the opne who was inserted for the pitcher, why wouldn't

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Monster Backyard Catch Net - My Favorite For $100!

Save The Neighbors Windows & Your Lost Balls Too! This is a breakthrough backyard catch net. It is large (not a problem to break down or slide against a wall for storage), can be used for many sports including soccer and golf too (use wiffle or foam balls for golf) Perfect for any batting tee or soft toss station and serves well for pitching practice too. Great for single backyard player as a solo batting or pitching station! You get a lot for this price - JP Click here to read more and ...
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bum Ho Lee hits a game-tying single to left

BH Lee's game-tying single JPN@KOR: Bum Ho Lee hits a game-tying single to left
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Akadema Prodigy Series Youth Baseball Gloves

This product is available at The Akadama Youth Baseball Glove Series has quickly gained a reputation as the benchmark in quality and design for serious youth ballplayers. Made with a combination of Akadema's US Steerhide and exclusive Akadema Lyte leather, these gloves are both light and durable and have a quick and easy break-in period. Heavy laces and stitching allows for longer lasting baseball gloves. Built for younger hands so finger stalls and wrist clasp are ...
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Korea turns an inning-ending double play

Korea gets out of another jam JPN@KOR: Korea turns an inning-ending double play
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Yanks Need To Beat Sox Again and Sign Cuban Lefty Aroldis Chapman

Lefty Cuban pitching sensation Aroldis Chapman defected from his national team in July and he is currently a coveted unsigned Major League Baseball (MLB) free agent.


ESPN The Magazine reported in the summer that Chapman vacated his hotel room in the Netherlands, where Cuba was in the midst of participating in a baseball ; tournament, and never returned.


“I walked out easily, right through the hotel door, and I hopped into a car and left,” said Chapman, 21, whose fastball has been clocked as high as 102 MPH. “It was easy. Now the plan is to sign with a major league team.”


Chapman, who has often been lauded as one of the “three greatest pitchers in the world right now who are not in the majors,” should be the New York Yankees top-priority to sign this offseason.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Affordable Baseball Gloves - Glovesmith 24K Series

This product is available at The Glovesmith 24K Series is a great quality affordable glove. It comes in various sizes and positions. The 24K Series is crafted from our lightly oiled Jet Black Steerhide for a short break-in period. A great feeling baseball glove.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Notre Dame vs USC Boxing Manny Ramirez CC Sabathia John Ruiz

The Irish Should Axe Charlie Weis and Hire Jon Gruden

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish lost to the University of Southern California (USC) Trojans 34-27 Saturday afternoon in South Bend. ; ;

The Irish appeared to be on the cusp of being blown-out when Trojans running back Joe McKnight scored to make it a 34-14 game with only thirteen minutes remaining in regulation. ; ;

However, instead of going into the fetal position, Notre Dame (4-2) valiantly battled back and cut the deficit to one touchdown. ;

Unfortunately for fans of the Irish, that is as close as Notre Dame would come to defeating USC (5-1) for the first time in eight attempts. ; ;

“Anybody who says there’s no fight in the Fighting Irish is missing the boat,” said embattled Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis, 53, who was given $40 million and a five-year contract to coach the Irish. ; ;

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ichiro hits a two-run single to center

Ichiro's go-ahead two-run single JPN@KOR: Ichiro hits a two-run single to center
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