Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Want More Bat Speed for No Name Price? - Akadema Xtension Baseball Bat

The Akadema Xtension was created for one purpose... More Bat Speed! The Xtension Pro balance design was formulated to give a hitter more control, leverage and bat speed at the plate. The Pro balance allows for a better distribution of weight throughout the entire bat. I'm amazed we sell so few... name brands aren't always better so save $150 to $200 & buy name brand shirts instead! Great Pop to go with your new quickness!
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Bubbles bursting by the minute

South Florida got hammered by Georgetown today. ; That means that SFU most likely won't be invited to the big dance. ;

Missouri got beat by lowly Nebraska. ; That is very unimpressive. ; The Tigers have a 10-6 record in Big 12 play. ; That alone should qualify them for the NCAA tourney. ; But losing in the first round to Nebraska who is 14 and 17 on the year is bad.

;What's scary is teams that run the table and make it that otherwise wouldn't have. ; This bumps off another bubble team. ; I don't think Nebraska will run the table, but someone usually does.

Back to the Big East. ; Cincinatti and Seton Hall are still alive, but they won't likely run the table either. ; ; However, Seton Hall takes on the 7 seed in Notre Dame. ; This is a big game for the Fighting Irish. ; They are a bubble team that is looking better than most. ; A loss here could really hurt them. ; A win should be enough to get them in.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Break in a Baseball Glove with Our Glove Hammer

Find this product at Break in a baseball glove with the Glove Hammer.Comes with a maple handle and a 3-inch wood ball and a leather lanyard. This reduces the time it takes to break-in your new baseball or softball glove and easier to use indoors.
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Monday, March 29, 2010

How Joba Got His Groove Back

You may be wondering how Joba Chamberlain came off the All-Star Break with 2 consecutive victories: 1 against the Tigers and 1 against the A's. Before the break, it just seemed to be no-decision after no-decision. He holds the Major League Record for most No-D's in a season.

Reports say that Joba went home to Oklahoma during the All-Star Break. He didn't even think about baseball. He just spent quality time with his family. He only had a couple of throwing sessions and that's it! Nothing complicated. No pressure. No nothing. Just basic throwing. No Joba rules to worry about.

As a family man with 2 kids, I can relate with how Chamberlain can come back and have success on the mound his first 2 starts back . Joba was grinding it out in the first half. He was working hard with coaches trying to figure things out. This is a lot like a student grinding it out with his schoolwork; grinding it out with his schoolwork, getting pressure from his teachers to do better, getting pressure to keep their GPA up, but oh, when the semester is over, they go home, hang out with family and friend, and just breathe. When the new semester starts, they're fresh minded and ready to go.

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Akadema Prodigy Series Youth Baseball Gloves

This product is available at The Akadama Youth Baseball Glove Series has quickly gained a reputation as the benchmark in quality and design for serious youth ballplayers. Made with a combination of Akadema's US Steerhide and exclusive Akadema Lyte leather, these gloves are both light and durable and have a quick and easy break-in period. Heavy laces and stitching allows for longer lasting baseball gloves. Built for younger hands so finger stalls and wrist clasp are adjustable & smaller than adult size baseball gloves & mitts. jp's favorites are the innovative AOZ 91 "Ozzie Smith" model and our traditional-look ATM 92 utility glove. 1st Base and catchers mitt models are fine choices too! Please don't buy smaller adult gloves for youth players hands...There's no need to spend more on a very good glove for players 12 and under.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Heater Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine

The Heater Combo model accurately pitches baseballs from 25 mph to 60 MPH and 11" youth or 12" adult size softballs up to 56 MPH all in one machine. (FYI - machine pitch leagues use around 38-40 mph) The pitching wheel throws has been upgraded to an air filled tire to improve fastball accuracy. This also allows the Heater Combo to pitch leather or rubber machine pitch dimple baseballs or softballs without damaging the wheel or the ball! Less than 40 lbs makes it portable for backyard or trips to the ballfield. FREE auto feeder holds 12 baseballs or 9 softballs (11" or 12") and feeds balls at 10 second intervals. Learn more & see matching batting cage at:
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Reduce Strikeouts & Increase Batting Contact - Train With Our Skinny Bat

What if you take batting practice with a small diameter training bat that otherwise resembles your game bat? See immediate improvement & focus while you are taking your normal batting practice! Kinect baseball training bat. Use any ball. Make sense? Check this link at Baseball Tips to learn more:
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Message to Boston Sports Fans

There’s been a lot of griping recently over the state of Boston sports, serving (for me) as another ugly reminder of the developing, spoiled and cocksure nature of fans in this area. Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

Despite not ;having played superbly of late, the Celtics stand at 31-16 and hold a five-and-a-half game lead in their division over Toronto. ; ;

The Patriots finished the season at 10-6 (and a perfect 8-0 at home) and lost in the conference semi-finals to Baltimore.

The line between the Red Sox and Yankees is becoming more blurred each year (I know, I know, blasphemous!). But the Sox pay more and more to rob smaller market teams of their best players. Last year they finished 95-67 and, again, made the playoffs.

The Bruins are apparently stinking up then Garden this year but last year made a nice push into the playoffs.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

More MLB Links ; ; ;Yankees vs Mariners ;: Blue Jays and Rays

; ; ; Red Sox vs Orioles

; ; ;Dodgers vs Rockies

Tigers and Athletics : ; ;


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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inexpensive Youth Pitching Machine-25 to 40 MPH - Heater Starting Pitcher

The Starting Pitcher Soft Lite-Ball Pitching Machine pitches fastballs, inside breaking balls, and outside breaking balls. The powerful A/C motor throws inexpensive special soft lite-balls up to 40 miles per hour. Learn more and see all 32 of our pitching machines at:
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Learn To Focus on Contact With a Broom Bat Now you are learning to focus in hitting the back-inside of the baseball... and hitting them hard more often! Using a small diameter bat is like taking game intensity focus into at-bats... any time and any place you might take some BP! Make yourself a live wire in the batters box with some focused practice habits.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mike Tyson Ricky Hatton UFC Tom Cable Yankees Raiders Manny Pacquiao

The Yankees, Not the Red Sox, Were the Team of this Decade

The New York Yankees defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 7-3 Wednesday night in the Bronx to win their record 27th World Series championship in team history.

The Yankees, who went 103-59 to establish the best mark in Major League Baseball in the 2009 season, simply outclassed the Phillies over the course of six games.

“I really believe in this club,” said Yankees Manager Joe Girardi, who was widely scrutinized for his decision to utilize a three-man rotation throughout the playoffs. “I’ve always believed in this organization, the job the Steinbrenner family has done, Cashman and his staff and it’s where we wanted to be and the guys did it.”

Despite New York’s exorbitant payroll that exceeded $208 million, Girardi stressed that the Yankees chemistry and perseverance is what ultimately brought another crown to the Bronx.

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Bobby Cox has one more season in him

Braves manager Bobby Cox announced this week his plans to retire after the 2010 season and to immediately take on a consulting role with the team. ; Cox has won 2,409 games as a manager and is fourth all-time in the category, behind only Connie Mack (3,731), John McGraw (2,763) and current Cardinals manager Tony La Russa (2,550). ; Cox has five pennants and one World Series title to his name, and won the Manager of the Year award four times. ; Under his leadership, the Braves have won 100 games six times. ; The next manager of the Atlanta Braves will have big shoes to fill.

How ‘bout that?

How about Adam Laroche? ; Since being traded back to the Braves mid-season, Laroche has slugged .622 to go with his .355 batting average and .426 on-base percentage. ; In 126 fewer at-bats, Laroche has hit twice as many home runs (12) as did his predecessor, Casey Kotchman. ; To top it off, Laroche has made just one error in 47 games with Atlanta and boasts a .998 fielding percentage.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

How To - Baseball & Batting Cage Netting

A Bit of Advice on Purchasing Your Batting Cage Net All Nets are not created equal... and you don't want to buy this stuff twice! Price only isn't where you stop shopping... compare type of material (nylon should cost more) & its strength for instance (#36 will outlast a #21) All nets look good right out of the box ...but the true value, the cost you will pay is based on years of service... like! Then, the internet gives you plenty of choices but unfortunately, some may "fudge" on the true strength and weight of your net... There's just a very low price without concern for repeat business. As a consumer, how would you know? How do you know a good net from a bad net? Now that's a tough one... your buying decision may come down to whether or not you feel the company is trustworthy and your own gut feelings. And you just wanted a batting cage... thanks for reading. Hope it helps you. --JP
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Joe Girardi- Let the Force Be With You or Else

The New York Yankees have cruised through the 2009 baseball regular season, destroying teams with their 9 slugger deep line-up that includes not one player having a bad year. While every hitter is having varying degrees of success, not one man in that line-up is performing below their norms (save for mighty A-Rod, who's injury has slowed him down a bit to the tune of only ;26 homers and 80+ RBI's). The bullpen has also been stellar, with Mariano Rivera looking as spry as he did in 1996, and with Phil Hughes redefining his 2009 season in the ilk of that very same roie Rivera held in '96- the gutsy set-up man that becomes a dominating extension of the closer. The defense has improved mightily too, especially around the infield, where Derek Jeter has revived his defensive career by extending his lateral range and improving his arm strength. Robinson Cano has looked interested for the first time in the field since his rookie season and Mark Texeira has done wonders for everyone, displaying why he is considered a defensive elite (you can tell Don Mattingly was his favorite player growing up, his range and glove work ;are superb). ;

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Akadema Infielders Pancake Training Glove

Akadema's Pancake Glove reinforces proper 2-handed fielding, teaches the quick hands & footwork needed to compete at the higher levels. This glove fits any age player. Watch as any position player (not just infielders) will move their feet & bodies to get behind the ball for improved mechanics & quicker transfers. What do you call infielders with slow hands and feet? Outfielders! --JP Our Pancake Training Gloves & team pack savings available at:
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