Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Colin Cowherd is the best thing going on ESPN radio

and possibly in all of sports radio and media.

-He doesn't care if you like him or not.

-He doesn't take too many phone calls. ; Yes, even your calls "Mr. Intellectual, Soccer guy" usually are uncessary. ; Too many calls from mouth breathing booger eaters can only bring the show down.

;-He doesn't conduct too many interviews, and the ones he does, the people will at least talk and have something interesting to say. ; Too many interviews to me is lazy and no one wants to hear cliches everyday, and for the most part, a lot of coaches and athletes are boring.

-His stock is rising. ; Like all good, sucessful and ambitious people in life, he has branched out into bigger things. ; His show SportsNation is an example of that. ; I think alot of listeners are taken aback by his brash tell it like it is style because they feel insecure about the boring and ambition-less lives they lead. ; Life's true 'playas' get it.

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Say It Aint So PapiPlease

I believe I speak on behalf of Red Sox Nation when I say NESN gave us a bit of a scare this afternoon. When we looked at our TVs ; and saw Tom Caron saying the New York Times has reported David Ortiz being on the anonymous list of players who tested positive for Performance Enhancing Substances in 2003, no Red Sox fan was leaving the TV for the fridge – unless it for a couple of cold ones. ;

This really hurt me to find out. ; That being said, I’m going to keep giving Ortiz the benefit of the doubt until I hear more. ; We don’t know what he tested positive for yet and until we do, it’s unfair to spill our emotions on the guy. ; Ortiz has been my favorite Sox player since Nomar left Boston and I’m not the only one who loves him. ; Watching an Ortiz homer is perhaps more special than watching one by any other player. ; Whether it sails in the Green Monster against a lefty or it lands in the glove of Okajima in the Sox bullpen, we love to see our Papi do his thing. ; Everyone knew the name “Big Papi” after that homer in Game 4 of the 2003 ALCS. ; Now if this news takes a turn for the worst, then I’ll be writing something different. ;

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Korea stops Japan's seventh-inning rally

Korea's defensive stand JPN@KOR: Korea stops Japan's seventh-inning rally
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Same Squirrel

Comerica Park is home for the Detroit Tigers and apparently some squirrels!

The other night against Boston a squirrel made it's way onto the playing field in the second inning before being chased by stadium personal into the bushes in center field (see video ). From there it chilled out and watched at least a portion of the game.

I was at Comerica Park on May 16th for the Tigers/Oakland game. I like to get there a little early to watch batting practice and hopefully catch a homerun ball. Yes, I'm still a kid that way.

For most of the pregame I was entertained, by not the batting practice, but a fury little squirrel running around the bullpen trying to find a place to go. After about ten minutes of running back and forth along the top of the bullpen between both teams it made it's way onto the field before disappearing into the Tigers dugout. The little guy wasn't seen from the remainder of the game.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Japan receives 2009 world baseball classic trophy

Japan receives 2009 world baseball classic trophy
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Akadema Prodigy Series Youth Baseball Gloves

This product is available at The Akadama Youth Baseball Glove Series has quickly gained a reputation as the benchmark in quality and design for serious youth ballplayers. Made with a combination of Akadema's US Steerhide and exclusive Akadema Lyte leather, these gloves are both light and durable and have a quick and easy break-in period. Heavy laces and stitching allows for longer lasting baseball gloves. Built for younger hands so finger stalls and wrist clasp are ...
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Is Tim Wakefield Destined For Cooperstown Steve McNair Is Not the Man We Thought He Was

Is Tim Wakefield Destined For Cooperstown?

Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield was selected last week as an AL All-Star for the first time in his improbable 18-year career and the knuckleballer will participate in Major League Baseball’s Midsummer Classic next Tuesday at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.

Wakefield (10-3, 4.30 ERA), a two-time World Series champion and the 1995 AL Comeback Player of the Year, has won 174 games for the Red Sox since he was acquired by the team in 1995.

The native of Melbourne, Florida currently ranks third behind legends Cy Young and Roger Clemens for the most wins in the history of the Red Sox storied franchise.

Wakefield, a solid human being who has been nominated seven-times for the Roberto Clemente Award for his generous charitable contributions off of the field, began his minor league career as a corner infielder for Watertown of the New York-Penn League.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Spike Proof Baseball Home Plate & Stance Mat The perfect accessory for any indoor or outdoor batting cage or batting station... Constructed of Sporturf, the highest quality baseball turf available, and designed to give a softer, more realistic feel while outlasting most other turf. The home plate stance mat has permanent white turf batter box lines and a painted on home plate. The mat itself is constructed from an extremely dense 36 oz. spring set "Bermuda" turf pile with a 5mm urelon foam cushion. The spike proof ...
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Japan receives gold medals at world baseball classic 2009

Japan receives gold medals for winning the Classic..
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why Wakefield Didnt Get To Pitch in the All Star Game

According to Ian Browne from, Wakefield was one of the pitchers they were saving in the case that the game went into extra innings. ; “Okay,” one might say, “then why did it have to be Wake? Why did they have to save both him and Beckett for extras?” ; Ian Browne comes to the rescue again saying that Wakefield was well rested. ; I also think that they took into consideration his ability to pitch more than one inning without hurting himself. ; ; Wakefield is blessed with being able to pitch without his full five days rest because of the slow knuckleball. ; In addition, Maddon was told to save extra pitchers because last year both the AL and the NL nearly ran out (who could forget that 15 inning game?) ; So Wakefield was on the list of pitchers to save in case of extra innings. ;

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Friday, July 24, 2009

If you can hit a small ball, you can hit a larger ball, right? How about if you hit with a smaller diameter training bat? Yep... same thing. And this improvement is being accomplished with no one asking a player to spend any more time than they already are working on their swing! Kinect baseball training bat.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Matsuzka wins World Baseball Classic 2009 MVP award

Matsuzka wins World Baseball Classic 2009 MVP award
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Akadema Infielders Pancake Training Glove

This product and more available at Akadema's Pancake Glove helps to reinforce proper 2-handed fielding, teaches a player to have quick hands and fast transfers. This glove fits any age player.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Matsuzaka's Classic performance

Matsuzaka's Classic performance Matsuzaka posted a 3-0 record, striking out 13.
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