Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why Wakefield Didnt Get To Pitch in the All Star Game

According to Ian Browne from, Wakefield was one of the pitchers they were saving in the case that the game went into extra innings. ; “Okay,” one might say, “then why did it have to be Wake? Why did they have to save both him and Beckett for extras?” ; Ian Browne comes to the rescue again saying that Wakefield was well rested. ; I also think that they took into consideration his ability to pitch more than one inning without hurting himself. ; ; Wakefield is blessed with being able to pitch without his full five days rest because of the slow knuckleball. ; In addition, Maddon was told to save extra pitchers because last year both the AL and the NL nearly ran out (who could forget that 15 inning game?) ; So Wakefield was on the list of pitchers to save in case of extra innings. ;

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