Friday, April 30, 2010

Baseball & Softball Field Fence Cap

Baseball & softball field fence toppers or fence caps give you a safety factor from outfielders getting hands and arms torn up by chain links, they define a home run and will make a ballpark look complete. Fence capping makes any ballpark feel like a stadium when combined with our windscreen. Call with your details or dimensions! 1-800-487-7432. Team colors available but yellow may save you some extra money. Better than that "drain pipe" stuff you see so much of. Learn More:
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Big Unit hangs em up

Big news from the Big Unit: 46-year-old Randy Johnson announced his retirement, concluding his career with a record of 303-166, a 3.29 ERA and a 1.17 WHIP. ;His five Cy Young Awards – one with the Mariners and four in a row with the Diamondbacks – rank him behind only Roger Clemens, and his 4,875 career strikeouts are second only to Nolan Ryan. ; He was a 10-time All-Star, starting the Midsummer Classic four times – twice for each league. Johnson made history in 2004 when he became the oldest player – at 40 – to throw a perfect game.

Johnson was a crucial member of his Diamondbacks team in the 2001 playoffs: after pitching well but losing his only start in the first round, he went 2-0 with 1.12 E.R.A. in the National League Championship Series against the Braves, including a 2-0 complete game shutout against Greg Maddux. ; Then in the World Series, Johnson shut down the three-time defending champions from the Bronx with absolute dominance. ; He picked up three wins, including a complete game shutout in Game 1 and back-to-back victories in Games 6 and 7, to end the Yankee Dynasty. ; He surrendered only nine hits and three walks in 17.1 innings for a remarkable 0.692 WHIP to go along with a 1.04 E.R.A. ;For his extraordinary performance, he was named co-MVP of the Series. ; A fan attraction everywhere he went, Randy Johnson will surely be missed.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Thoughts on MLB Pitching Statistics

In the National League, the elongated double switch shows again why pitching statistics are quite poorly attributed. ;A traditional double switch involves the manager inserting a position player into the game ;for the current pitcher and a new pitcher for a position player--typically one who just made an out, so that the new pitcher won't be batting for nearly a full trip through the lineup.

However, this same basic maneuver can also occur by simply pinch-hitting for the pitcher while on offense and then placing the pitcher in for whichever player makes the last out of the inning. ;If the team takes the lead (and subsequently does not lose it), the just-substituted-for pitcher gets credited with the win.

The problem is this: if this scenario occurs before the 5th inning, the starting pitcher cannot get the win, so it'll almost certainly be the next guy who pitches that will get the win. ;But given that a position player is the opne who was inserted for the pitcher, why wouldn't

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Want More Bat Speed for No Name Price? - Akadema Xtension Baseball Bat

The Akadema Xtension was created for one purpose... More Bat Speed! The Xtension Pro balance design was formulated to give a hitter more control, leverage and bat speed at the plate. The Pro balance allows for a better distribution of weight throughout the entire bat. I'm amazed we sell so few... name brands aren't always better so save $150 to $200 & buy name brand shirts instead! Great Pop to go with your new quickness!
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spike Proof Baseball Stance Mat w/ Home Plate

The perfect accessory for any indoor or outdoor batting cage or batting station... Constructed of Sporturf, the highest quality baseball turf available, and designed to give a softer, more realistic feel while outlasting most other turf. The home plate stance mat has permanent white turf batter box lines and a painted on home plate. The mat itself is constructed from an extremely dense 36 oz. spring set "Bermuda" turf pile with a 5mm urelon foam cushion. The spike proof construction measures approximately 3/4" thick and the mat can be used outdoors and protects flooring indoors. It's designed to hold up against any batter's twisting and high torque swing! Buy What Pro & College baseball Teams Buy: Available in green and terra cotta brown at this link:
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Reduce Strikeouts & Increase Batting Contact - Train With Our Skinny Bat

What if you take batting practice with a small diameter training bat that otherwise resembles your game bat? See immediate improvement & focus while you are taking your normal batting practice! Kinect baseball training bat. Use any ball. Make sense? Check this link at Baseball Tips to learn more:
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Zooka Rechargeable Pitching Machines for Youth & Leagues

Zooka ZS 720 & 740 Pitching Machines for Baseball and Youth League Players & especially machine pitch leagues. A coaches commentary for the Zooka pitching machine. Coach Chuck Hudak talks with Coach JP on how he uses the Zooka Pitching Machine with his Youth league players. This Zooka & optional auto loader & external rechargeable battery is available at
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Break in a Baseball Glove with Our Glove Hammer

Find this product at Break in a baseball glove with the Glove Hammer.Comes with a maple handle and a 3-inch wood ball and a leather lanyard. This reduces the time it takes to break-in your new baseball or softball glove and easier to use indoors.
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bobby Cox has one more season in him

Braves manager Bobby Cox announced this week his plans to retire after the 2010 season and to immediately take on a consulting role with the team. ; Cox has won 2,409 games as a manager and is fourth all-time in the category, behind only Connie Mack (3,731), John McGraw (2,763) and current Cardinals manager Tony La Russa (2,550). ; Cox has five pennants and one World Series title to his name, and won the Manager of the Year award four times. ; Under his leadership, the Braves have won 100 games six times. ; The next manager of the Atlanta Braves will have big shoes to fill.

How ‘bout that?

How about Adam Laroche? ; Since being traded back to the Braves mid-season, Laroche has slugged .622 to go with his .355 batting average and .426 on-base percentage. ; In 126 fewer at-bats, Laroche has hit twice as many home runs (12) as did his predecessor, Casey Kotchman. ; To top it off, Laroche has made just one error in 47 games with Atlanta and boasts a .998 fielding percentage.

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Sox Begin 2010

I have folded up the Tom Brady jersey and put it away. ; I have set aside the Kevin Garnett jersey until i take it out for the Celtics playoff push. ; It is time now to don the jersey of your favorite Red Sox players and get ready for another exciting Major League Baseball season. ; Spring is finally here. ; I have to hand it to Major League Baseball. ; I think that this year they got it right. ; They didn't ship the World Series winners overseas to play in Japan or China or somewhere and they didn't open the season with Royals vs Tigers or some other match-up without much appeal. ; This year the season began on Easter Sunday with a match-up between the defending World Series champion New York Yankees and their arch rival the Boston Red Sox. ; This is, hands down, the best rivalry in sports. ; The series didn't go the way I wanted it to, but we did get our first win against the Yankees under our belt and the games were well played for the most part. ; Hey, when you think about it last year the Sox won the first 8 games against the Yankees only to lose 9 out of the next 10 so maybe losing 2 out of the first 3 ain't bad.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

The most promising time of the year

Today’s post is brought to you from Toledo, Ohio. ; With Spring Training wrapping up in just over a week, every team has reason to be hopeful that this will be their year. ; Though it is widely accepted that exhibition games are meaningless, the Giants should feel good about their 18-7 record this spring, and the Indians are certainly pleased that they have won 13 of their first 19 games. ; The reigning World Series champion Yankees, meanwhile, can shake off their 9-12 record as rustiness. ; It may not have the excitement of October, but April is when everyone’s glass is half full; no one has ground to make up or nagging injuries to play through. ; Every team has a share of first place, and that’s what makes it the most promising time of the year.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kip Leather Series Baseball Gloves - 20% Lighter!

Akadema Pro Kip Leather Series baseball gloves are the glove of choice for those players with great hands, who are not overly concerned how long their glove will last. Pro players and high level college baseball players are going nuts over this series...I see more & more of them each season. Our Kip Leather is harvested in Europe then tanned in Japan. They are 20% lighter, very pliable, easier to break in and have more tensile strength than other competing gloves. I still prefer my Akadema Pro Leather for its extra thickness and cushion... but I also don't have the quick hands I once did... another reason why we give you these choices! All models are built for specific fielding positions. Choose your model at:
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Monster Backyard Catch Net - My Favorite For $100!

Save The Neighbors Windows & Your Lost Balls Too! This is a breakthrough backyard catch net. It is large (not a problem to break down or slide against a wall for storage), can be used for many sports including soccer and golf too (use wiffle or foam balls for golf) Perfect for any batting tee or soft toss station and serves well for pitching practice too. Great for single backyard player as a solo batting or pitching station! You get a lot for this price - JP Click here to read more and purchase:
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Akadema Prodigy Series Youth Baseball Gloves

This product is available at The Akadama Youth Baseball Glove Series has quickly gained a reputation as the benchmark in quality and design for serious youth ballplayers. Made with a combination of Akadema's US Steerhide and exclusive Akadema Lyte leather, these gloves are both light and durable and have a quick and easy break-in period. Heavy laces and stitching allows for longer lasting baseball gloves. Built for younger hands so finger stalls and wrist clasp are adjustable & smaller than adult size baseball gloves & mitts. JP's favorites are the innovative AOZ 91 "Ozzie Smith" model and our traditional-look ATM 92 utility glove. 1st Base and catchers mitt models are fine choices too! Please don't buy smaller adult gloves for youth players hands...There's no need to spend more on a very good glove for players 12 and under.
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