Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small improvement for Royals

The Kansas City Royals got Josh Anderson from the Tigers for some cash. ; This was a good move for both teams. ; But, a really good bargain for the Royals. ; Anderson was designated for assignment and had to clear waivers to be put in the farm system. ; That would be unlikely. ; So, rather than wait their turn, the Royals gave the Tigers cash and made it a trade. ; The Tigers get money out of the deal instead of losing him for nothing. ; Win win. ; He has hit .242 in 74 games and has 13 stolen bases. ; He strengthens the outfield for the Royals and gives them a little more speed. ; Since he is only 26, he has a year or two more perhaps to improve. ;

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Learn To Focus on Contact With a Broom Bat Now you are learning to focus in hitting the back-inside of the baseball... and hitting them hard more often! Using a small diameter bat is like taking game intensity focus into at-bats... any time and any place you might take some BP! Make yourself a live wire in the batters box with some focused practice habits.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Next stop in my baseball career the Toledo Mud Hens

In my life I have attended many more major league games than minor league ones, but 2010 will be a chance for me to experience the minors like never before. ; I will be working in media relations for the Toledo Mud Hens of the International League. ; The Mud Hens are the Triple-A affiliate of the Tigers and play at Fifth Third Field, just an hour from Detroit, which means that Tigers on rehab assignments will likely make cameo appearances throughout the season.

Those who have worn the Mud Hen uniform include Hall of Famers Kirby Puckett (the team was affiliated with the Twins from 1978 through 1986) and manager Casey Stengel, as well as longtime Tigers Travis Fryman and Kirk Gibson, and active players Curtis Granderson of the Yankees and Carlos Pe�a of the Red Sox. ; Scott Sizemore, who will replace Placido Polanco as Detroit’s 2nd baseman this season, spent the better part of 2009 in Toledo.

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Big Sloppy

Top of the 8th, game tied 4-4, men on first and second, two out: Big Sloppy strikes out on a 3-2 pitch.

Everyone wants to feel bad for Ortiz. They wonder why Francona waited until his formerly known as "clutch" hitter was almost to the batter's box before pinch hitting Lowell for him in Wednesday night's Toronto game. How Francona didn't tell Ortiz he was being pinch hit for sooner to avoid the embarrasingly long walk back to the dug out. Well, answer this: How else do you send a message to the "D.H." who you already pinch hit for once this year? Ortiz didn't learn anything from that experience, apparently. He's approaching the point where his batting average just might fall below his I.Q.

And despite every opportunity for redemption, Big Sloppy continues to take late swings on bad balls that make him look older and slower than dear Mike Lowell, with his salt and pepper hair and surgically repaired hip. I'm not going to say Lowell would have drawn a walk in Ortiz's place, the way he did in Toronto...that's for the Baseball Gods to decide. No, I will say that if Lowell did strike out, he still wouldn't look as bad as Ortiz did.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nomah Night

I heard a joke on WEEI today in which a caller asked "So, is Nomar Night tonight, and Ortiz Night tomorrow night? Or is Ortiz Night tonight?" ; I laughed. Then I realized that Ortiz and Nomar have a lot in common.

;See, Nomar was the face of the Sox franchise up until game 7 of the ALCS against the Yankees in 2003. Sure we had Manny on that team, and Pedro, but it was still Nomar's team. He was a born and bred Red Sox player, and probably the best short-stop of my life time. The point is, he was essentially the face of the Franchise. But, after his mysterious wrist injury (Nomar still insists that he never took steroids, and that the reason many players tested positive in 04 is because they were told that the results of that testing would be confidential. Because it was confidential, many players "lied" and "admitted to using performance enhancing dugs" just to promote standardized testing throughout the Major leagues. Yeah, Right.) After the wrist injury, Nomar just wasn't himself any more, and he buckled under increasing media scrutiny. Theo traded Nomar half way through the 04 season, and it was that jolt to the team that propelled the Sox to their first World Series title in 86 years.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Akadema ProSoft Baseball Glove - Game Ready!

The Akadema Prosoft Series Glove is a hand-crafted glove that's light and playable right out of the box. The Pro Soft series is constructed with Akadema's exclusive GameDay Prosoft Steerhide to give a player a great fit and feel. I absolutely recommend the APP 240 catchers mitt for any coach. You won't spend a season breaking it in. (I like catching my players with a catchers mitt and broke this one in while long-tossing with a young pro and followed up with a session catching BP fastballs from a pitching machine... and now its ready to go.) I like all of the other gloves and mitts in this Pro Soft Series as a recreational glove or if you need a back-up... or for that extra-position glove you may need. It ain't pro stock... but it ain't bad...especially for the price. (not recommended for a High School Varsity front-line won't last more than one season at that level. This product is available at
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Spike Proof Baseball Stance Mat w/ Home Plate

The perfect accessory for any indoor or outdoor batting cage or batting station... Constructed of Sporturf, the highest quality baseball turf available, and designed to give a softer, more realistic feel while outlasting most other turf. The home plate stance mat has permanent white turf batter box lines and a painted on home plate. The mat itself is constructed from an extremely dense 36 oz. spring set "Bermuda" turf pile with a 5mm urelon foam cushion. The spike proof construction measures approximately 3/4" thick and the mat can be used outdoors and protects flooring indoors. It's designed to hold up against any batter's twisting and high torque swing! Buy What Pro & College baseball Teams Buy: Available in green and terra cotta brown at this link:
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brett Baseball Necklace - Double Titanium ION

I've been wearing titanium ION necklaces on and off for as long as I have seen them on Big League Players... maybe because I am still looking for an edge... another habit that players pick up and old players remember. Does it work... is it good? I think so, but frankly, I have no medical background and offer no medical advise. We assume common sense in purchases.
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Bobby Cox has one more season in him

Braves manager Bobby Cox announced this week his plans to retire after the 2010 season and to immediately take on a consulting role with the team. ; Cox has won 2,409 games as a manager and is fourth all-time in the category, behind only Connie Mack (3,731), John McGraw (2,763) and current Cardinals manager Tony La Russa (2,550). ; Cox has five pennants and one World Series title to his name, and won the Manager of the Year award four times. ; Under his leadership, the Braves have won 100 games six times. ; The next manager of the Atlanta Braves will have big shoes to fill.

How ‘bout that?

How about Adam Laroche? ; Since being traded back to the Braves mid-season, Laroche has slugged .622 to go with his .355 batting average and .426 on-base percentage. ; In 126 fewer at-bats, Laroche has hit twice as many home runs (12) as did his predecessor, Casey Kotchman. ; To top it off, Laroche has made just one error in 47 games with Atlanta and boasts a .998 fielding percentage.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Break in a Baseball Glove with Our Glove Hammer

Find this product at Break in a baseball glove with the Glove Hammer.Comes with a maple handle and a 3-inch wood ball and a leather lanyard. This reduces the time it takes to break-in your new baseball or softball glove and easier to use indoors.
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Increase Pitching Machine Use with Mobile Wheels Pitching Machine Transport System

Now at Baseball Tips you can get this amazing Pitching Machine storage solution. Simply attach caddy wheels to any of your tripod based pitching machines and you'll be able to roll it in and out of storage onto concrete, infield dirt or grass with ease. Come see more at the link below today!
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Red Sox Get Much Needed Win and End a 6 Game Losing Streak

;Last Night B. Penny and the Sox came out on a mission and that was to break this losing streak and they did. But I personally was more concerned about our hitting. After getting swept by the Yankees in a 4 game series which has not happened in over 20 years, I wasn't concerned about our pitching (except Smoltz which the Sox dealt with after that 1st game massacre and giving up 9 earned, they put him on assignment) I was worried about our line-up.

Pappi and Bay have been off and Pedroia and Youk just couldn't hit against NY and that went for our whole line up except Ellsbury who was able to be consistant. So when the Sox came out last night and scored 2 runs in the 1st on a Ellsbury double then a Pedroia ;homer (9) ;starting off the game ;with a lead, the Sox ;looked like the ;team we know. In the 2nd the Sox would score a run on a hit by Pappi, then followed by a N. Green homer (6) ;giving the Sox a early 4-0 lead. ; This was a great sign for me just seeing the Sox making great contact and scoring runs but Detroit would rally. After a Bay homer (22) ;in the 5th the Sox led 5-3 heading into the 7th when Delcarman came in for Penny and Detroit would tie the game at 5 all!! ;

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

How To - Baseball & Batting Cage Netting

A Bit of Advice on Purchasing Your Batting Cage Net All Nets are not created equal... and you don't want to buy this stuff twice! Price only isn't where you stop shopping... compare type of material (nylon should cost more) & its strength for instance (#36 will outlast a #21) All nets look good right out of the box ...but the true value, the cost you will pay is based on years of service... like! Then, the internet gives you plenty of choices but unfortunately, some may "fudge" on the true strength and weight of your net... There's just a very low price without concern for repeat business. As a consumer, how would you know? How do you know a good net from a bad net? Now that's a tough one... your buying decision may come down to whether or not you feel the company is trustworthy and your own gut feelings. And you just wanted a batting cage... thanks for reading. Hope it helps you. --JP
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bubbles bursting by the minute

South Florida got hammered by Georgetown today. ; That means that SFU most likely won't be invited to the big dance. ;

Missouri got beat by lowly Nebraska. ; That is very unimpressive. ; The Tigers have a 10-6 record in Big 12 play. ; That alone should qualify them for the NCAA tourney. ; But losing in the first round to Nebraska who is 14 and 17 on the year is bad.

;What's scary is teams that run the table and make it that otherwise wouldn't have. ; This bumps off another bubble team. ; I don't think Nebraska will run the table, but someone usually does.

Back to the Big East. ; Cincinatti and Seton Hall are still alive, but they won't likely run the table either. ; ; However, Seton Hall takes on the 7 seed in Notre Dame. ; This is a big game for the Fighting Irish. ; They are a bubble team that is looking better than most. ; A loss here could really hurt them. ; A win should be enough to get them in.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baseball & Softball Field Fence Cap

Baseball & softball field fence toppers or fence caps give you a safety factor from outfielders getting hands and arms torn up by chain links, they define a home run and will make a ballpark look complete. Fence capping makes any ballpark feel like a stadium when combined with our windscreen. Call with your details or dimensions! 1-800-487-7432. Team colors available but yellow may save you some extra money. Better than that "drain pipe" stuff you see so much of. Learn More:
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Lebrons Elbow

Most folks were nervous in the 8th inning with two on and no bullpen to go to. Not me, and my faith was not in thanks to Buckholz. See, the Celtics had just closed out their series with the Heat (a game later than they should have, I know...) but as I said in my last post...ever since the very first night of the 2010 season, when the C's win, the Sox win.

I've got to admit, I didn't watch much of the Sox game, though I was lucky enough to tune in for the key moments, such as Lowell pinch hitting for Ortiz, and then drawing the walk with the bases loaded for the go-ahead run. Then I was back for Ramon Ramirez remembering how to pitch. Really, this was the best he's looked all season, and on a night when Papelbon, Okijima, and Bard were all unavailable, his performance was nearly as impressive as Buckholz himself going 8 and giving up just 1 run.

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Sox Begin 2010

I have folded up the Tom Brady jersey and put it away. ; I have set aside the Kevin Garnett jersey until i take it out for the Celtics playoff push. ; It is time now to don the jersey of your favorite Red Sox players and get ready for another exciting Major League Baseball season. ; Spring is finally here. ; I have to hand it to Major League Baseball. ; I think that this year they got it right. ; They didn't ship the World Series winners overseas to play in Japan or China or somewhere and they didn't open the season with Royals vs Tigers or some other match-up without much appeal. ; This year the season began on Easter Sunday with a match-up between the defending World Series champion New York Yankees and their arch rival the Boston Red Sox. ; This is, hands down, the best rivalry in sports. ; The series didn't go the way I wanted it to, but we did get our first win against the Yankees under our belt and the games were well played for the most part. ; Hey, when you think about it last year the Sox won the first 8 games against the Yankees only to lose 9 out of the next 10 so maybe losing 2 out of the first 3 ain't bad.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inexpensive Youth Pitching Machine-25 to 40 MPH - Heater Starting Pitcher

The Starting Pitcher Soft Lite-Ball Pitching Machine pitches fastballs, inside breaking balls, and outside breaking balls. The powerful A/C motor throws inexpensive special soft lite-balls up to 40 miles per hour. Learn more and see all 32 of our pitching machines at:
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