Saturday, May 8, 2010

How To - Baseball & Batting Cage Netting

A Bit of Advice on Purchasing Your Batting Cage Net All Nets are not created equal... and you don't want to buy this stuff twice! Price only isn't where you stop shopping... compare type of material (nylon should cost more) & its strength for instance (#36 will outlast a #21) All nets look good right out of the box ...but the true value, the cost you will pay is based on years of service... like! Then, the internet gives you plenty of choices but unfortunately, some may "fudge" on the true strength and weight of your net... There's just a very low price without concern for repeat business. As a consumer, how would you know? How do you know a good net from a bad net? Now that's a tough one... your buying decision may come down to whether or not you feel the company is trustworthy and your own gut feelings. And you just wanted a batting cage... thanks for reading. Hope it helps you. --JP
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