Thursday, April 15, 2010

Akadema ProSoft Baseball Glove - Game Ready!

The Akadema Prosoft Series Glove is a hand-crafted glove that's light and playable right out of the box. The Pro Soft series is constructed with Akadema's exclusive GameDay Prosoft Steerhide to give a player a great fit and feel. I absolutely recommend the APP 240 catchers mitt for any coach. You won't spend a season breaking it in. (I like catching my players with a catchers mitt and broke this one in while long-tossing with a young pro and followed up with a session catching BP fastballs from a pitching machine... and now its ready to go.) I like all of the other gloves and mitts in this Pro Soft Series as a recreational glove or if you need a back-up... or for that extra-position glove you may need. It ain't pro stock... but it ain't bad...especially for the price. (not recommended for a High School Varsity front-line won't last more than one season at that level. This product is available at
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