Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red Sox Get Much Needed Win and End a 6 Game Losing Streak

;Last Night B. Penny and the Sox came out on a mission and that was to break this losing streak and they did. But I personally was more concerned about our hitting. After getting swept by the Yankees in a 4 game series which has not happened in over 20 years, I wasn't concerned about our pitching (except Smoltz which the Sox dealt with after that 1st game massacre and giving up 9 earned, they put him on assignment) I was worried about our line-up.

Pappi and Bay have been off and Pedroia and Youk just couldn't hit against NY and that went for our whole line up except Ellsbury who was able to be consistant. So when the Sox came out last night and scored 2 runs in the 1st on a Ellsbury double then a Pedroia ;homer (9) ;starting off the game ;with a lead, the Sox ;looked like the ;team we know. In the 2nd the Sox would score a run on a hit by Pappi, then followed by a N. Green homer (6) ;giving the Sox a early 4-0 lead. ; This was a great sign for me just seeing the Sox making great contact and scoring runs but Detroit would rally. After a Bay homer (22) ;in the 5th the Sox led 5-3 heading into the 7th when Delcarman came in for Penny and Detroit would tie the game at 5 all!! ;

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