Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why the Tigers can win it all

In case no one has noticed, the Tigers pitching staff as a whole has been tremendous to this point in the season. ; Aside from Gallaragas last 2 starts, even the suspected weak link in the bullpen has been excellent(although a lot of that may have something to do with limited Lyon sightings). ; So far ; the whole staff has easily outperformed expectations.

Verlander and Jackson make an unhittable front 2 starters, consistently going deep into games and really working the batters. ; Trying to get a win on either of those 2 days is hard enough without having to watch a rookie throw a swirling missile and depth charge sinker at you as well. ; Although i really like the way he has pitched, his innings are going to be a factor as we head into late June and July, and ideally they would like to send him back down for a bit to get some work in for the stretch run. ; All of that of course is directly tied to the continued success of Willis and a healthy Jeremy Bonderman. ; If those things all happen this team not only has the pitching in place, but also a surplus of arms in case of that freak injury to one of the cogs in the offense. ;

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