Friday, June 5, 2009

Split Series for the Red Sox but Still in First Place

The Red Sox went into Minnesota and lost the first and third games of the series and won the second; and then we took the fourth, so not bad for playing the Twins at their house. Four game series are always tough, especially away games because our relievers and everyday players don't get a night off. ; ;Well, yesterday Beckett didn't need a day off; he came out steaming with his hat pulled down extra low looking really determined, and he was. ;Beckett struck out the side in the first inning; he was steaming and looking nasty, then came out looking the same in the second and struck out Kubel, but then J. Crede hit a bomb of a home run. ;I was shocked and started to get worried after that bomb, but that seemed to annoy Beckett even more and then he just closed them down fo

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