Friday, June 5, 2009

Penny Shines on Memorial Day Red Sox in First Place

Brad Penny came out strong ;yesterday with his fastball and curve and pitched a ;solid ;5 and 1/2 innings allowing 6 hits and 3 earned runs but 7 strikeouts!!! ;They took him out when two ;men were on in the 6th but Ramierez, who has been great out of the bullpen, came out and shut them down for an inning and a half with a strikeout. The Red Sox bats, especially Pedrioa (3-5, 2runs), Bay (2-5,2RBI), and Lowell (4-5, 2RBI), were on point again, and the Sox sat Papi today!! ; Everyone else stepped up as they have been all season, then Okajimia came in for an inning of shut-out ball and a K!! ; The score was 6-3 and then it was time to head in to the 9th and all the Sox, but Varitek and Lugo who were hitless, combined for 16 hits and with this 3 run lead, the Sox brought in Papelbon who, as we all know, ;blew his last save opportunity. But he is the man so SoxNation has to believe he is going to come out with those "I'm ending this game" eyes. So then came his first pitch and it was a strike that looked so good ;that I was sure this was over but then I saw Mauer (who has been on fire since returning from his injury in 81 at bats -- ;he is hitting .450 and 11 homeruns more than he had last year) in the on deck circle and I started doing the math because ;now I ;was worried. The next thing you know: there's 1 out, a man at 1st base and Mauer is up, then he drills it, way gone, but it only made it 6-5!!!! At this point I'm thinking that Papel has to be mad, and he was, and even against Morneau and Cuddyer, game over, Sox win 6-5!!!!! B. Penny gets the win becoming an awesome 5-1 and Papelbon gets his scary 12th save. ;(He will be fine.) ; This also puts the Red Sox in 1st place ahead of the NYY by a full game and Toronto by a game and 1/2 -- ;Sweet!!! ; So tonight we play the 2nd of 4 with Minnesota, then we will head to Toronto. So tune in tonight, Sox, ;for Lester at Twins and Blackburn at 8:10. Lets Go Sox!!!!!

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