Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bubbles bursting by the minute

South Florida got hammered by Georgetown today. ; That means that SFU most likely won't be invited to the big dance. ;

Missouri got beat by lowly Nebraska. ; That is very unimpressive. ; The Tigers have a 10-6 record in Big 12 play. ; That alone should qualify them for the NCAA tourney. ; But losing in the first round to Nebraska who is 14 and 17 on the year is bad.

;What's scary is teams that run the table and make it that otherwise wouldn't have. ; This bumps off another bubble team. ; I don't think Nebraska will run the table, but someone usually does.

Back to the Big East. ; Cincinatti and Seton Hall are still alive, but they won't likely run the table either. ; ; However, Seton Hall takes on the 7 seed in Notre Dame. ; This is a big game for the Fighting Irish. ; They are a bubble team that is looking better than most. ; A loss here could really hurt them. ; A win should be enough to get them in.

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