Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poor behavior on and off the field is Bad for Ball

In the last week, baseball fans have been exposed to a number of unfortunate incidents that involved big-name, All-Star players. ; My thoughts on each of them follow.

Kevin Youkilis charging the mound: Youk let his emotions get the best of him on Tuesday night after getting plunked in the back for the second consecutive night. ; The Red Sox need Youk’s bat in the lineup and his glove in the field. ;Now they have neither for five games.

Josh Hamilton’s relapse: A man’s personal struggle with alcohol is his business, but when a recovering alcoholic is a role model for young people, he needs to take responsibility for his actions before the public finds out from someone else. ;In this case, Hamilton should have made a statement prior to the release of the photos taken at the bar this past January.

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